Kind cabby stops taxi and passes umbrella to traffic marshals standing in the rain at Upper Aljunied Rd

Submitted by Stomper Stephen

Sometimes, all you need to lift your spirit in bleak situations is the kindness of a complete stranger. 

Stomper Stephen experienced this first-hand when he was helping to direct traffic at Upper Aljunied Road at 5.40pm yesterday (Mar 14).

The Stomper was helping his friend, who was away for lunch, ensure that SBS Transit buses turned right into Upper Serangoon Road.

However, the traffic marshalls were affected by the sudden rain, and Stephen realised he had left his umbrella and raincoat at a different duty point.

"A ComforDelGro taxi (SHC 3743 J) driver named Mr Tng Kok Beng Tony stopped at the side of the road, under the rain," said Stephen. 

"He opened the back of his taxi to get me an umbrella. So thoughtful and kind of him.

"Many thanks to Mr Tony Tng.

"Does anyone know or have a photo of Mr Tony?"

If you know any details on Mr Tony Tng, or have a photo of him, please contact Stomp via WhatsApp (9384 3761) or via email (

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