Kind cabby returns phone left behind to passenger, turns down $100 reward

Submitted by Stomper James

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Stomper James was touched when a kind ComfortDelGro taxi driver returned him his phone, after he had left it in the cab on Saturday (Nov 24).

His phone was the brand new Huawei Mate 20 phone that was released recently.

He took the taxi with his daughter from home to get to a learning centre in Tiong Bahru.

About 30 minutes after he alighted from the taxi, he wanted to call his wife.

He realised that his phone was missing.

He shared with Stomp: "I wanted to call my wife, but my phone was not there. I had checked Google Maps before getting into the taxi, so I knew I must have left it in the cab."

He borrowed someone's phone to contact his wife and told her that his phone had probably slipped out of his pocket onto the seat of the taxi.

His wife decided to call his phone up, to see if anyone would pick up.

She called a few times, but no one picked up.

However, a few minutes after she tried calling, an unknown number contacted her.

It was the taxi driver saying that he had seen the missed calls.

They made an appointment to meet at the McDonalds at Tiong Bahru Plaza at about 6pm on the same day.

James said: "When I met him he was very warm and friendly. My wife and I offered him $100 as a reward but he turned it down. We also offered to buy him a cup of tea, which he also rejected.

"He said that my daughter and I were his last passengers of the day.

"I am lucky that I got my phone back, and I am very grateful to him for giving it back to me."