Kind British couple find Stomper's LV wallet at Bugis McDonald's, mail it to her from Australia

Submitted by Stomper Sherly

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A woman was shocked and touched when a kind British couple returned her wallet she had lost in April.

Stomper Sherly told Stomp that she had left her Louis Vuitton wallet behind at a McDonald's in Bugis Junction on Apr 6 at about 10am.

"I forgot it on the chair and returned to look for it after two hours but it was gone," she said.

Weeks went by and she had almost lost hope about finding it when a kind British couple mailed her wallet to her Malaysia address.

"Mr Berry and his wife had found the wallet at McDonald's and mailed it to my Malaysia address (I had my Malaysian identity card in the wallet)," she said.

The couple wrote in a note to Sherly that they had alerted the police and left a message at McDonald's after finding her wallet.

When they could not get in contact with her, they continued their journey to Australia and mailed her wallet to her from there.

"I was so shocked and super grateful to them," she said.

"I was supposed to meet them when they stopped over in Singapore before flying back to the UK but unfortunately, Scoot failed them and they had a serious flight delay.

"I felt like I am super lucky as I thought there was no hope of getting back my wallet after two weeks.

"I didn't know how to express my gratitude to them as I didn't manage to thank them physically.

"I hope by posting this on Stomp, I can share their kindness with more people."