Kind beer lady guides elderly woman to toilet and back to her seat at Jurong West kopitiam

Submitted by Stomper Tan

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

A beer lady was spotted guiding an elderly woman to the toilet and back to her seat at a coffee shop in Jurong West on Monday evening (May 20).

Stomper Tan was having dinner at Block 494 Jurong West Street 41 at around 7.30pm, when she witnessed the heartwarming deed.

In photos taken by Tan, the beer lady can be seen holding the elderly woman's hand and walking her back to her seat.

Tan said: "The elderly woman was eating at the coffee shop when I saw the beer lady bringing her to the toilet. I think it was because she had difficulty walking.

"The beer lady then brought the elderly woman back to her seat after she exited from the toilet, and that's when I took pictures."

According to Stomper Tan, the beer lady is a Chinese national who has been working at the coffee shop for some time.

"While we have come across many stories of kind people performing good deeds, it's the first time I have seen one involving a beer lady," added Tan.

"Usually, beer ladies are focused on entertaining their customers but I was surprised by how caring and warm-hearted this woman was. Kudos!"