Kids can't play at playground because someone left his army gear there to dry

Submitted by Stomper Nick

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Stomper Nick spotted a Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) No. 4 uniform being left unattended at a children's playground at Block 573 at Woodlands Drive 16 yesterday (Sep 23) at around 12.30pm.

In photos he shared with Stomp, the items are seen strewn over a see-saw at a playground and appear to be left to dry in the sun.

An Integrated Load-Bearing Vest (ILBV) as well as some knee and elbow guards can also be seen beside the green pixelated shirt and trousers.

Nick was there with his children when he noticed the items at the public playground.

"I was at the playground from 12.30pm to around 1.15pm with my kids," Nick said to Stomp.

"The whole time I was there, the items were left unattended.

"As a result, my children were unable to play at those areas of the playground.

"I feel like there are other areas that this can be done in.

"Being an NSman myself, I would like to encourage other NSmen to be more responsible of their own items."