Kids use Woodlands carpark barrier as catapult, mess around with parking receipts

Submitted by Stomper Novario

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

If these two boys are your kids, you need to tell them to behave. 

Stomper Novario saw a couple of boys playing around the carpark barrier near Block 732 Woodlands Circle on Saturday (Jun 17).

Not only were the kids endangering themselves by playing there, they were also being a public nuisance to motorists.

"They were placing their stuffed toys on the barrier then waited for a vehicle to cross the barrier to watch their stuffed toys being catapulted off the barrier when it raised," said Novario.

"Not only that, they were also pulling the ticketing receipt paper from the machine as long as possible in order to reach the opposite side, tying the paper to the railing and waited to watch for vehicles to cross their paper 'barrier' and tear it apart.

"A complete waste of resources!

"They were alone and not supervised by their parents or guardians."