Kids standing in sunroof of moving car: GetGo says users must ensure passengers wear seatbelts

Submitted by Stomper Ong

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Two kids were spotted standing in the sunroof of a GetGo car at Punggol Central road on Saturday (Feb 18).

Stomper Ong shared a video of the incident taken at 5.45pm.

The video shows the silver Mazda with the heads and shoulders of two people above the roof of the car as it came to a stop at the traffic junction that joins Punggol East road.

"It was not right that the driver drove so fast and braked near the junction with the two girls still standing there," said the Stomper.

In response to a Stomp query, GetGo said: "We are aware of the incident and have reached out to the user.

"GetGo users are required to follow all road safety and traffic rules. This includes ensuring that all passengers have their seatbelts fastened.

"Users who cause inconvenience to other road users will be penalised, and repeat offenders will be banned from using our service."