Kids lauded for writing thank you notes to frontline heroes at Velocity @ Novena Square

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Amidst the spread of the coronavirus from Wuhan, China, it is heartening to see the community rally and appreciate our healthcare workers who have been at the frontline, working tirelessly during this difficult time.

Facebook user Lim Gee overheard a trio of students at Velocity @ Novena Square who were excited to express their thanks to these frontline workers.

He wrote: "Passed by these kids who were so enthusiastic to write thank you notes to our [frontline] heroes.

"Young and thoughtful.

"At their tender age, they can appreciate those who are working hard at the frontline to fight the Covid-19 virus.

"While racists and xenophobics are resurging around the world blaming China and bullying Asians for the spread of the virus, these kids instead are seeing the efforts of humanity to triumph over it.

"This world needs more of them."

Lim also praised the boys' parents: "You are doing an amazing job in raising compassionate human beings."