Kia driver, don't think you can get away with reversing into another car and driving away

Submitted by Stomper Edwin

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A driver of a blue Kia was caught on video reversing into another car and simply driving away as if nothing had happened.

Stomp was alerted to the video posted on Singapore Reckless Drivers' Facebook page yesterday by Stompers Edwin and Zonda.

In the video, the driver of the Kia can be seen reversing into a parking lot.

However, he hits the front left part of a white car in the adjacent space.

The driver did not get out to examine if any damage had been done and simply drove out of the lot and out of the carpark.

The owner of the car with the dashboard camera that recorded the incident is seen coming out to see what happened.

He then goes back to his car to grab some paper and heads to the white car that was hit by the Kia.

Netizens are applauding the driver for trying to help.

"This is what neighbourhood watch [is] all about," said MdRosily Hasi

"Good job! Kudos to you!" wrote Reggie Chen.

Watch the video below.