Kia driver chases motorist then hurls vulgarities at her for "overtaking" him

A Kia driver was caught on video chasing another motorist and then cutting in front of her in order to confront her for "overtaking" him along Mountbatten Road.

The video was caught on the motorist's car camera and posted on's Facebook page. According to the contributor, the incident happened on Aug 24 at 8.30am.

In the video, the driver of the car cam is seen turning left onto Mountbatten Road behind the white Kia with licence plate number SKU1117A.

(Story continues after video)

The Kia driver is then seen driving on the road markings between the left and middle lanes. The car cam driver sounds her horn at the Kia driver to alert him of her presence before driving past him in the middle lane.

This appears to anger the Kia driver who then proceeds to "chase" the car cam driver and repeatedly sounds his horn at her.

He then drives over a zigzag line and chevron markings to overtake the other driver as they are filtering left onto Old Airport Road before stopping his car in front of her.

He gets out of his car and comes to her window to say, "What is your f**king problem?"

The car cam driver replies, "You [were] coming into the lane. Do you know it's very dangerous?"

He then says, "What do you mean I'm coming into the lane? Do you have to overtake?"

When the car camera driver tries to explain she didn't overtake and that she was simply "going straight", he cuts her off and says, "F**k you, lah!"

He walks away but turns back again to rap on her window before storming off to his car and driving off.

"I was just stunned, angry and did not allow him to speak to me the second time he came back," said the car cam driver in the post.