Karma hits Volvo driver who parked on 2 lots for 3 days -- with a saman

Submitted by Stomper Sean

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

The driver of a Volvo SUV provoked the ire of residents living at Block 122 Bukit Batok Central when he decided that parking between two lots was a good idea.

Stomper Sean first saw the car on Saturday (Jun 24).

He initially thought that the driver would come back within an hour or two to either correct his horrendous parking or to drive away but he ended up leaving his car like that for the next three days.

"Many residents were taking photos and one even placed a cardboard on the windscreen with the words, 'Idiot Driver'," said Sean.

However, karma has a way of getting back at those who are inconsiderate and Sean noticed that the driver had been issued a summons for $50.

Although it is not clear whether the driver was fined for his parking fail, the rule infringed was 'parking places rules'.