'Justice Bao' proves he's the true god while riding waterbike at Pasir Ris Park

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Singapore's humid weather did not deter a man from getting into the Halloween spirit.

Stomper Aico saw the man dressed as Chinese politician Bao Zheng while riding a waterbike at Pasir Ris Park on Sunday (Oct 30).

Bao Zheng, more commonly known as Bao Gong or Justice Bao, served in office for 25 years during China's Song Dynasty.

He was known for his extreme honesty, uprightness and ability to defend peasants and commoners against corruption or injustice.

Although he died at age 63, Bao remains a cultural icon of justice and has been immortalised in numerous literary works, performance arts, novels and films.

He is often portrayed as wearing gold-and-black traditional Han Chinese robes and a judge's futou hat, with a beard and a crescent moon on his forehead.

Similar to what the man in Aico's photos can be seen wearing, actually.

The Stomper said: "I was passing by and saw Bao Gong riding around the waters like he was having fun.

"There was no event going on and he was the only one dressed up, so I think he really was just enjoying himself.

"Many people were amazed and laughing, while also taking photos of him.

"I found it funny but also admirable that under such hot weather, he could still wear that thick costume to play water sports... he must be some god!"

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