Just how talented are Asia's Got Talent's hosts Alan Wong and Justin Bratton?

Viewers were awed with a variety of spectacular performances by the most talented acts in Asia's Got Talent's first season two years ago.

Now, the biggest talent show in the world is back for a second season that is slated to feature acts even bigger than before as contestants battle it out for the grand prize of US$100,000 ($135,000).

The second season comes with a few new faces as pop sensation Jay Park joins returning judges Grammy Award-winning music producer David Foster, and Indonesian singer Anggun.

Alan Wong and Justin Bratton also join the fray as this season's hosts who promise to add a little fun and banter to the show.

The dynamic duo are not afraid to be themselves and be crazy on camera and aim to connect viewers to what is happening on stage.

"What you're going to see on the show is a couple of guys who are kind of acting like the audience...we are representing the audience at home," said Alan.

"We're the closest members of the audience to the action," chimed in Justin.

Although they could not spill details on the talent we can expect this year, they could not stop raving about how mind-blowing the acts are.

"If you were to see [the acts] on paper you would think to yourself, 'that's not going to work out' but then the performance happens and the entire crowd is blown away," said Justin.

The co-hosts have been friends for years and share a chemistry that's highly energetic and extremely infectious.

When asked if they have what it takes to compete as contestants on the show, they didn't even take a second to reply a resounding 'no'.

"We tried, that's why we're hosts," joked Alan.

"It's not our job to have talent there, that was made clear to us from the beginning."

However, this did not deter Stomp from getting our interviewees to participate in our own private talent show.

Check out just how talented (or untalented) Alan and Justin are in the videos below.

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Watch the World Premiere of Asia's Got Talent Season 2 on October 12 at 8.30PM on AXN.