Jurong West residents plagued by group that hangs out under void deck and leaves litter strewn everywhere

Stomper Pgum has reached the end of her tether with an inconsiderate group that has been littering and making noise at her block's void deck for the past two years.

According to the Stomper, this group would gather under the block to eat and drink and fail to pick up after themselves.

She said:

"The gathering can start from 5am in the morning to midnight, or from midnight to early morning.

"They scatter their rubbish everywhere including whiskey bottles, beer cans, cigarette packs and food packaging.

"They even defecate at the grass patch behind the block - my dog stepped on it once."

Pgum said that they also make a lot of noise dancing singing and sometimes even quarreling.

She added:

Residents here, including my family, have complained to the town council of this nuisance, and also called the police numerous times but it seems like nothing can stop them.

"We are very troubled as we have children in this block.

"Their existence has caused much inconvenience and discomfort.

"Is there nobody that can stop them?"