Jurong West resident leaves wet lingerie out, dripping water on everyone else's clothes

Submitted by Stomper Isabella

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A resident at Block 648A Jurong West Street 61 has been leaving dripping wet laundry out to dry, much to the annoyance of neighbours.

Stomper Isabella called out her eighth-floor neighbour's ungraciousness and inconsiderate behaviour, which she said has been going on for years.

She shared videos showing water droplets from her neighbour's wet laundry dripping onto her own clothes on Saturday (Oct 8), at around 2pm.

Among the wet laundry are pink undergarments.

Isabella said: "This discourteous neighbour is residing on the eighth floor.

"It's not the first time they are displaying such intolerant behaviour, basking lingerie that's still dripping water outside the drying rack, which is a common area.

"I can't remember exactly when this started but I started encountering it a few years back.

"I suppose even the most tolerant person on earth would be able to say that this is an ungracious act."