Jurong resident sees boy squatting on wall of 18th-floor rooftop while friends urge him to 'jump'

A boy was seen standing on a wall at the rooftop of an Housing Board (HDB) block in Jurong while his friends apparently encouraged him to jump down.

According to Shin Min Daily News, the incident occurred at Block 989C Jurong West Street 93.

A resident said he was worried after seeing around five to six boys climbing onto the roof of the 18th-floor HDB block a few months ago.

Mr Huang Chengfa, 33, told Shin Min: "I was in my kitchen when I heard some children playing. I looked out of my window and saw a group of kids playing on the rooftop.

"A boy was standing by a wall while his friends repeatedly encouraged him to 'jump down'.

"I immediately intervened and asked how they had gotten up there."

At that time, the boy was squatting on the wall. However, he hurriedly climbed down thanks to Mr Huang's intervention and the rest of the group fled.

Mr Huang added: "They are too naughty and what they are doing is dangerous. Their parents should keep a closer eye on them. After all, this is a matter of life and death."

Mr Huang subsequently informed the relevant authorities of the matter and a door leading to the rooftop is now locked.

He shared: "The roof was being cleaned at that time so the door was unlocked. However, there was a sign telling people not to enter."

Mr Huang said he then went downstairs to look for the kids, in hopes of contacting their parents.

He added: "When I went downstairs, they had already disappeared. I also tried seeing if their parents were nearby but could not find them.

"I even thought of printing out the children's photos and pasting them at the lift lobby as a way of informing their parents."

Mr Huang also called for all parents to supervise their children properly to prevent them from engaging in dangerous behaviour, before they ended up with a lifetime of regret.