Jurong construction site becomes "mass grave" for shared bikes

Submitted by Stomper Jamie Handsome

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Stomper Jamie Handsome passed by several shared bicycles that had been strewn haphazardly at a construction site along Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE) before Yuan Ching Road in Jurong at 4pm yesterday (Jun 10).

The Stomper described the scene as a "mass grave".

He told Stomp that this is not the first time and that it apparently "gets worse" each time he sees it.

Jamie Handsome said that this sight was "almost a daily affair" and that he first saw this pile of Mobikes and ofo bikes over a year ago.

He said: "Each time it gets worse. Every time I see it, the number of bicycles increase."

"Because this is a construction site, I believe the workers cycle to work using these bikes and then just leave them there."

"I feel that these people are incurring a loss for the bike companies, they are not doing anything good.

"These bicycles are also bad for the environment because they not only obstruct the path but may also cause people to trip.

"I also feel bad for the bicycles because they get damaged by getting stacked on top of one another."