Jurong-Clementi Town Council increases pest control measures after reports of rodent infestation

Submitted by Stomper Darren

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Jurong-Clementi Town Council told Stomp that it is stepping up its pest control measures to manage a rodent infestation in its township.

Stomper Darren alerted Stomp to the problem he observed at Clementi Town Centre.

"There is a rat infestation problem in several areas of the town centre," he said.

"The root cause of the problem is poor garbage disposal practice by several shopkeepers.

"Over the past four to five months, I have emailed several reports containing photos and video clips to Jurong-Clementi Town Council.

"They have worked hard to tackle the intertwining issues of poor garbage disposal and rat infestation, but with limited success."

He told Stomp he has also reported the issue to the National Environment Agency (NEA).

He included a video of a rat he saw climbing into a bakery shop through its window at 2am on Aug 3.

"By submitting this video clip to Stomp and elaborating on the context of the problem, I hope that the news can be published so that people who patronise Clementi Town Centre are aware of the problem," he said.

In response to a Stomp query, a spokesman from Jurong-Clementi Town Council issued the following response:

"The Town Council has been conducting regular pest control measures to manage the rodent infestation.

"We will increase the frequency of our housekeeping duties such as timely clearing of waste left behind the shop units, bin centres and removal of refuse spillage to eradicate the harbourage ground for rodents.   

"In addition to these measures, we will also educate the shop and eating house operators on the proper waste disposal methods and increase the number of bins for their usage. 

"We will continue to work with NEA and other stakeholders to improve the situation."