Julian Hee assaulted until he blacks out: Attacker hit actor's car while opening vehicle door

Local actor Julian Hee was physically assaulted after being involved in a spat with a fellow motorist at Old Airport Road Food Centre recently.

In a Facebook post yesterday (June 7), the 38-year-old shared how a man had opened his car door next to the actor's car, hence "knocking onto my car hard".

He wrote, "My whole car shook. I came down and said 'come on!'

"He started a tirade against me and asked me if I see any damage on my car. I spotted a dent.

"He yelled 'you idiot my car door cannot reach that dent'.

"I said 'don't call me an idiot'.

"He pushed me. And started hammering me. I blacked out and fell on the floor. I went unconscious."

Adding that someone then called the police and ambulance, Hee asked, "What is this world coming to???"

In response to his post, netizens wished Hee a speedy recovery, with some calling for action to be taken against the other party.

Hee is a Singaporean Chinese actor and model, who also won the title of Mr. Manhunt Singapore in 2002.

He has starred in several television shows such as Channel 5's Heartlanders (2004) and Red Thread (2009), as well as popular dramas like The Champion (2005) and C.L.I.F. (2011) on Channel 8.

In 2013, Hee was accused of road rage by a retired school principal, who posted about the altercation with the actor on Facebook.

Mr Adrian Cordeiro, 65, said that Hee twice cut into his lane along Bedok South Avenue 1, then "spoiled for a fight" by "flexing his muscles".

According to The Straits Times, Hee allegedly plucked Mr Cordeiro's glasses from his face and threw them to the ground. When the older man put them back on, Hee reportedly repeated his actions.

Both parties made a police report and Hee denied the accusations.

He said, "His reckless driving almost got a motorcyclist killed. My conscience is clear and I am confident that justice will prevail."

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