Jogger walks in on monitor lizards having 'private time' at Pandan Reservoir

Submitted by Stomper Jia Ming

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Stomper Jia Ming was jogging in Pandan Gardens on Jan 12 at about 7.15am, when he stopped to look at a pair of monitor lizards in the reservoir.

He told Stomp: "I thought the lizards was a big fish at first.

"Then I looked carefully and realised that it was two monitor lizards.

"I was intrigued by them because I had never seen monitor lizards together before.

"I come here about three times a week and when I do see monitor lizards, they usually are alone."

The Stomper took several videos of the reptiles and sent them to Stomp.

In the videos sent, the two lizards can be seen holding on to each other and rolling in the water.

Jia Ming said: "At first, I thought the monitor lizards were fighting. Then I realised they seemed calm.

"The lizards were turning around in the water and might be mating.

"There were other park-goers there who were amused by the scenario and were taking videos too."

After taking the video, the Stomper continued with his morning jog.