Job offers $550 a week to 'receive parcel' -- containing electronic devices you're free to use

Submitted by Stomper Baizurah

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Stomper Baizurah had placed a request for part-time work on an online job portal and was shocked when she received an offer that sounded too good to be true yesterday (Aug 1).

She had gotten a message from someone who introduced himself as a businessman who "always" travels out of the country for work.

In the message, he said that he wanted Baizurah to receive parcels from a postman at her home address on his behalf.

"The contents of the parcel are laptop, phone [and] digital camera. You are eligible to take any of the items [for] personal use for yourself," said the unusual message in broken English.

It added, "It's very convenient without any stress. The payment is $550 a week. You must be very willing and sincere if you are willing to work and start immediately."

A wary Baizurah said:

"I came across this email that requested my email address. I thought it was a data entry job so I replied with my email address.

"Was shocked to see such a job offered. Doesn't it look like a scam?"

She also told Stomp that she responded to the message to politely decline the job as it sounded too good to be true.