Job ad offers applicants $500 to provide their IC and sign up for new telco line

Submitted by Stomper Zainal

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Stomper Zainal recently came across a dubious job listing on an online market platform, Carousell, which offered interested applicants up to $500 in exchange for helping the lister sign up for a telephone line.

Intrigued, Zainal tried to find out more about the job and took several screenshots of the conversation which he sent to Stomp.

In the conversation, the lister of the job told Zainal that all he had to do was provide his identity card (IC) which would be used to sign up for a new line and a mobile phone at a selected telco.

The lister claimed that he would be there pay for the phone, adding that the line would belong to him. 

He reassured Zainal that he would not use the line for anything illegal.

The lister shared with Zainal that although he would receive a bill from the telco the first month after signing up, he did not have to pay for it.

As written in his comment: "You will receive a bit from the telco wanting you to pay the first month's bill, you don't have to pay it, but you will get blacklisted from using their service in the future and that’s all.

"After a few letters, you won’t get any more letters after a few reminders."

The lister subsequently asked for Zainal’s age and the telco which he was signed up with. 

He even asked him to recommend his friends to do it if he was not up for it himself. 

This comes in light of a series of other cheating cases, in which an 18-year-old man was arrested. 

In a separate incident, the police said in a news release that they were alerted on Nov 7 to a victim receiving handphone alerts about the online purchase of game credits which he did not buy. 

He had reportedly signed up for a new telephone line and a phone, which he handed over to the suspect in exchange for $100. 

The suspect told the victim that he would terminate the line before the month was over and no charges would be incurred. 

However, after getting the phone, the suspect became uncontactable and did not terminate the line, thus saddling the victim with the resulting phone bills.

The identity of the suspect was established and he was tracked down by officers from the Ang Mo Kio Police Division after extensive investigations. 

If convicted for cheating, offenders can be jailed up to 10 years and fined.

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