Joanne Peh, Fann Wong and other celeb mums who went through tough pregnancies

Letty Seah
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May 20, 2018

It is no secret that pregnancy can be a physical and emotional roller coaster - and the possible complications that may arise don't spare celebrities just because they are rich and famous.

Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu's painful decision to terminate her pregnancy after learning that her unborn foetus had no heartbeat shone light on how difficult pregnancy can be on women regardless of social standing.

While some women do have dream pregnancies with little or no sickness, other women have it downright awful with morning sickness turning into an all-day sickness where it hurts to even stand on their two feet, and depressing feelings can take over easily.

Here are 9 celebrity mums who went through all the odds in their journey to motherhood.

Joanne Peh: 

The local actress opened up about her second pregnancy while filming the drama series "Dream Coder" in 2016. She didn't give specifics about what made the pregnancy so awful, but she did say this in an interview with the local media: "My first pregnancy was quite smooth. This time, I feel nauseous at night and suffer a loss of appetite."

"When my hubby found out, he extended his time here and spent a month with me, sending me to work and brewing me nourishing soups to boost my health and appetite." Joanne is married to fellow actor Qi Yuwu who is based in his native China. The celebrity couple walked down the aisle in 2014 and have two kids together - a three-year-old girl and a one-year-old boy.

Vivian Hsu:

The Taiwanese singing beauty is often photographed strolling happily with her three-year-old son Dalton. But what isn't as frequently discussed is the trials and tribulations of her pregnancy. Vivian Hsu told Marie Claire that while she was pregnant with her son in 2015, she ate 13 pills a day (which amounted to a whopping 2,106 pills throughout her pregnancy) and had 300 injections.

Additionally, the singer also had to go under the knife during her pregnancy as she suffered from cervical incompetence and the position of her baby was too low, which also resulted in her being bedridden for five months. As she had heard that it was good for the baby to undergo a natural birth, Vivian initially resisted the idea of giving birth via Cesarean section.

However, as she had been on bed rest for too long, her legs were too weak for a natural birth. Thus, the determined singer got down from her hospital bed to exercise her legs. After walking back and forth for an entire night, her doctor advised her to opt for a Cesarean section instead as her baby boy's head has swelled due to the pressure for her walking. Fortunately, after much ordeal, Vivian gave birth to a beautiful baby boy at Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore on Aug 13, 2015.

Barbie Hsu:

Barbie Hsu's son, Wang Hsi-Lin, gave the Taiwanese actress a pregnancy she would never forget, and one that made her question whether or not she'd have any more kids in the future.

In fact, she even considered undergoing ligation surgery to prevent a third pregnancy - While Barbie had a pretty simple pregnancy with her first child, it wasn't the case the second time round.

The actress who is married to businessman Wang Xiaofei was said to have fainted when she was in labour because of the pain from her contractions, which triggered her epilepsy. But despite her challenging pregnancy, baby Hsi-Lin came into the world perfectly healthy in 2016.

She is also a parent to an adorable four-year-old daughter Wang Xiyue. In April, the 41-year-old actress announced that she was expecting a third child. Unfortunately, she recently revealed that she has decided to terminate her pregnancy following her doctor's advice after it was found that her unborn foetus had no heartbeat.

According to a media statement released on Mar 7, 2018, Barbie is recuperating well under her family's care. We're sending our well wishes to the family of four.

Fan Fan:

According to the singer's book documenting her journey to motherhood, "The Pandas are Here", getting pregnant wasn't easy for Fan Fan. She conceived her twin boys River and Ryan after a long struggle of infertility.

Even though she hated injections, she had to take ovulation injections at her abdomen area for ten consecutive days to begin the IVF process.

She also shared that the injection caused her to sustain bruises on her stomach, pack on the pounds and develop mood swings. The progesterone gel that had to be inserted into her body also resulted in nausea.

Despite these unsavory side effects, Fan Fan pulled through and welcomed her twin boys in 2015. Fan Fan is looking as gorgeous as ever and has proved that even though pregnancy isn't always easy peasy, it's totally worth it.

Vivi Wang:

Taiwanese singer Will Liu who is married to former Miss Taiwan Vivi Wang became household names after he and his adorable four-year-old Liu Yu Fu (affectionately known as Xiao Pao Fu or Little Puff) were cast on season 5 of the hit Chinese reality show "Where Are We Going, Dad?"

The singer also has a six-year-old son Ian Liu and a two-year-old daughter Xiao Shan Shan with his wife Vivi. Vivi has a less-than-idyllic pregnancy with her first son. It was reported that Vivi was diagnosed with uterine fibroids (non-cancerous tumours that grow from the muscle layers of the womb) before expecting her firstborn.

At that time, the doctor advised her to try conceiving naturally before removing the fibroids. She did just that and successfully gave birth to Ian in 2011.

Melody Chen:

The beautiful local actress and radio jock Melody Chen and her husband-actor Randall Tan are proud parents to twins Reuben Michael and Maegan Riley.

She conceived her twins after a long battle with infertility. She has been trying for a baby since tying the knot in 2008. She underwent a failed IVF attempt and suffered a miscarriage in 2012 and became pregnant at the age of 40.

The IVF procedure in February of last year was the couple's last-ditch attempt to get pregnant. Her twin boy and girl were conceived naturally. They came early but arrived perfectly healthy.

Zoe Tay:

While pregnant with her third son, Nathan Chionh, in 2010, the Queen of Caldecott experienced some bleeding due to a blood clot. The complication saw her giving birth to her third son prematurely through caesarean section.

This was the first caesarean surgery for the veteran actress who also has two other sons Brayden and Ashton with her husband, Philip Chionh, an RSAP pilot.

Fann Wong:

Like Zoe, local actress Fann had to opt for a C-section as well. After several hours of labour, the baby's head had still not descended hence natural birth was not an option for this first-time mum.

Five years into her marriage with fellow actor Christopher Lee, Fann announced she was pregnant at the age of 43. She overcame the hurdles of an older, higher risk pregnancy and is a proud mother to three-year-old tot Zed.

Kate Pang:

Singapore-based host Kate Pang is the mother of two beautiful children with her actor-husband Andie Chen. She has a four-year-old son Aden and a two-year-old daughter Avery.

In 2015, she spoke out about suffering the miscarriage of her second child. While she did not go into details, she admitted that she misses the child she lost and was quoted to say this: "I was very, very sad when I found out from the doctor at the clinic. I started crying to myself. I am sure every mum would feel sad upon hearing such news."

When this happened, Kate was in the midst of hosting the Star Awards. Ever the professional, Kate bounced back from that painful ordeal and went on to host the Star Awards, putting her best foot forward.

A year later, she was blessed with a little girl Avery. Today, the celebrity couple runs a YouTube channel Kandie Family where they frequently post videos of their two kids.

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