Jetstar passengers bound for Melbourne face over 24-hour delay due to engine valve defect

Submitted by Stomper Andrew

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

A Jetstar flight from Singapore to Melbourne that was scheduled to depart at 9pm on Sunday (May 26) has been delayed for over 24 hours due to an engine valve defect.

Stomper Andrew, a passenger on the flight, alerted Stomp to the delay.

"After the passengers had boarded the flight, the captain announced that the engine could not start and engineers were being called in," he told Stomp in a phone interview.

"We were then told to leave the aircraft at about 10pm to give engineers time to fix the problem.

"At 11.30pm, we were told the flight would be delayed for 24 hours and depart the next day at 9pm."

He informed Stomp that he received an update via message on Monday morning informing him the flight had been pushed back from 9pm to 10pm on Monday (May 27).

Andrew said Jetstar provided hotel accommodation to those affected at either Hotel V Bencoolen, Hotel V Lavender or Hotel Boss.

Passengers were also given the option to book their own accommodation which Jetstar would subsidize up to $150.

Andrew decided to book a stay at YOTELAir at Jewel Changi Airport due to its proximity to Terminal 1, where the flight would be taking off from.

He added that passengers were given $60 worth of refreshment vouchers and a $35 meal allowance.

The Stomper, who is travelling to Melbourne on holiday with his wife, said their travel plans were disrupted due to the delay.

"We are not the only ones," he said.

"I tried to get onto alternative flights but it was not possible as Jetstar said the flight was delayed, not cancelled."

In response to a Stomp media query, a Jetstar spokesman said the flight was delayed due to an engine valve defect, with a replacement part required to be flown in from Melbourne.

"We appreciate delays are frustrating and apologise to customers for the impact to their journey, however, safety is always our first priority," the spokesman said.

"All affected customers were provided accommodation, meal allowances, transport to and from hotels."

The spokesman confirmed that flight JQ8 from Singapore is departing for Melbourne on Monday (May 27) at 10pm.