Jet Li looks in much better health after shocking fans with frail appearance last year

Fans of Jet Li were relieved to see the martial arts superstar looking to be in much better health at a recent awards ceremony alongside Jack Ma in Sanya.

Last year, Li shocked fans with his frail appearance in a photo taken during a visit to a Tibet temple.

He was wrinkled and grey, worlds apart from the image he portrayed on the silver screen.

His decline in health is due to hyperthyroidism and spinal problems from decades of performing demanding stunts on movie sets.

Hyperthyroidism is a rare condition that accelerates the body's metabolism, causing unintentional weight loss and a rapid or irregular heartbeat.

However, it is not life-threatening.

He had revealed his condition to the public in 2010 and said he would tackle his condition "head-on".

On Monday night (Jan 14), fans were hearted to see Li pictured chatting and smiling with Ma, at the 2018 Rural Teacher Awards, an event launched by the Jack Ma Foundation, in Sanya, Hainan province.

Instead of grey hair, he sported a black mane, trendy black-rimmed glasses and a cool blue denim jacket.