Jerry Yan confirms KL rendezvous with Lin Chiling:"I'm happy to be in contact with her"

Jerry Yan has hinted at getting back together with his ex-girlfriend Lin Chiling after they were pictured together in Kuala Lumpur.

In an Apple Daily Taiwan report, Yan said: "I'm happy to be in contact with Lin. We're sincerely looking after each other. I've read the reports and hope everyone will give us some space."

In a statement, Lin's studio thanked members of the public for their concern and requested that they respect Lin's privacy.

Yan had arrived in Kuala Lumpur to meet model-cum-actress Lin Chiling who was there for a function, reported China Press via The Star.

The duo had started dating in 2000 but broke up six years later.

A reader had informed the daily that Yan, 42, was seen alone at KL International Airport 2 on Friday (Nov 10) evening.

A reporter then hurried to the hotel Lin was staying at to get more information.

at around 9pm on the same day, Yan and Lin arrived in a car to the hotel.

Yan reportedly took his luggage out from the car and entered the hotel with Lin.

Lin had apparently completed her work in KL on Friday but stayed on for two more days.