Jeanette Aw leaves Hype to manage her own career: 'I've hit a plateau'

Award-winning actress Jeanette Aw is leaving her long-time talent agency Hype Records-Artiste Network to be her own agent.

In an Oct 12 post on Facebook, the 38-year-old artiste said her decision "was deliberated upon over time" and that the universe was "showing me it was time to move on".

"Going solo. Yes, it’s official. No longer contracted to both Hype Records-Artiste Networks and Mediacorp," she added.

"I’ve always believed that to grow, as a person and as an actor, I need to welcome challenges, in this case find new challenges. I’ve always believed in the need to renew and reinvent the self, and reignite the passion along the way.

"So.. no more speculations. I thank all media who have shown me much concern when talk was going around and everything was a big question mark. Thank you for respecting me and giving me the space I needed. Always grateful for that.

"Now, a new journey begins. #JeanetteAw"

Aw, whose decision comes at the height of her career, also told The Straits Times: "This decision not to renew my contract with Hype and Mediacorp has been a thought I've had for quite some time.

"I guess at times I feel like I've hit a plateau in my career and I need new challenges. And believe it or not, I believe that when the right moment comes, you will know when it is time to move on.

"I will have more freedom with scheduling my time and picking the right scripts as they come along. I am definitely open to drama proposals and open to opportunities overseas," said Aw, who established her company Picturesque Films in 2012.