JC student hoping to contact cabby who left before being paid full $15 fare

Submitted by Stomper WY

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Stomper WY is trying to track down a taxi driver so that he can pay him his fare in full.

The Junior College student had taken a red Trans-Cab taxi yesterday (Jan 10) at 2pm from Mount Sinai Road to the National Library at Bugis.

"Due to a NETS terminal failure, I was told that I could only pay in cash, and the driver and I mutually agreed that I withdraw money from the nearest ATM in order to pay for my ride," said WY.

"Upon returning to the location with the cash, I found the driver was gone and I didn't get to pay him the full amount of $15 for my ride."

He told Stomp that he had given the driver $5 before heading to an ATM.

"I hope the driver can soon be located so that I can clear the outstanding fare," said the Stomper. "I hope the driver uncle is able to receive his deserved remuneration and remain optimistic about the trustworthiness of his customers."

WY is hoping that he can find the driver through Stomp.

If you are the driver, kindly contact Stomp at stomp@stomp.com.sg or WhatsApp 9384 3761.