JB resident notices dusty S'pore car with clamped wheel has been in carpark for at least 2 years

Submitted by Stomper Mr J

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A Stomper noticed that a dusty car with a Singapore licence plate has been in a Johor Bahru serviced apartment carpark since he moved there in 2017.

Stomper Mr J contributed photos of the car showing one of its wheels had been clamped.

He said: "I moved into Greenfield Regency Apartment near the end of 2017.

"Ever since I started living here, the car has been there and it was already very dusty.

"Not sure what the car brand and model is.

"The first time I took a photo of it was on Jun 21 in 2018.

"There weren't any drawings or writings on it yet. "

Mr J added: "The other photos are from Saturday night (Dec 21).

"So far there's only a drawing of a pig on the hood. 

"I haven't seen anyone use or approach the car.

"I saw a story from last week where one of the wheels of an abandoned car with a Singapore license plate was clamped and decided to share this with Stomp.

"Don't know how long this car has been there. Not sure what's the story behind it."