Jaywalker runs across road to catch bus at night -- and nearly gets hit by car

Submitted by Stomper Schmike

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Stomper Schmike almost knocked down a person who dashed in front of his car to catch a bus at Yio Chu Kang Road on Apr 18 at 1.09am.

The incident happened near NCS Hub and ST Engineering Hub.

Schmike shared a video with Stomp showing a dark figure running a short distance away from his oncoming vehicle.

The Stomper said: "Luckily I was one second slower and applied the brakes when I saw this jaywalker dashing across just to catch the bus."

"The road was really dimly lit.

"It's really not worth it for this guy to risk his life."

Just four days ago (May 12), a jaywalker who ran across the road got hit by a Mercedes driver.

And on Jan 23, two students who jaywalked almost got knocked down near Ngee Ann Polytechnic.