Jayley Woo on coping with Aloysius Pang's death and online flak: 'I think he'll be proud of me'

Local actress Jayley Woo has opened up about coping with the death of her boyfriend Aloysius Pang in her first sit-down interview since the tragedy.

The late actor died at the age of 28 after a military training accident in New Zealand in January.

The couple's relationship was made public when Woo, 27, penned a heartbreaking tribute on Instagram after news of Pang's death broke.


In an interview with The Straits Times on Monday (March 25), Woo choked up and glanced skywards when asked about how she has been coping with Pang's death.

Adorned with a blue heart-shaped pendant that was a gift from Pang, she said: "I try very hard every day. I think I've been doing good. I think he'll be proud of me."

The freelance artist who left Mediacorp last year has also been criticised by some netizens for her public way of grieving on Instagram.


However, she is learning to filter out negative sentiments.

Woo shared: "My goal now is to be a good daughter, sister, mummy to my dog and a good person. And I don't have time or effort to spend on negativity. So I try to mentally block out such comments."

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