Jay Chou fan in Hong Kong loses $220k after getting framed for buying 'stolen tickets'

A 31-year-old woman in Hong Kong was cheated of $220,000 after getting framed for buying ‘stolen’ Jay Chou tickets and backstage passes.

Ms Chen, a loyal fan of singer-songwriter Jay Chou, had forked out $615 for three concert tickets and backstage passes after coming across a seller on Facebook, reports Shin Min Daily News.

She later collected two tickets from a collection kiosk at Mong Kok. 

It is unclear what happened to the remaining ticket and backstage passes.

Ms Chen never met the seller in the face throughout the entire transaction.

After the concert, Ms Chen suddenly received a text message claiming that the two tickets she had bought were the property of her company, but had been stolen.

The person who sent the message told Ms Chen that she would be implicated for buying stolen tickets and asked her for a fee to keep the incident under wraps.

Believing the lie, Ms Chen transferred the fee into a bank account given by the person.

Citing the same reason, the person exhorted money from Ms Chen on more than 50 separate occasions after that, and each time, she caved in.

She even borrowed money from her friends and family to make the payments.

Throughout the incident, a total of $220,000 was transferred.

Ms Chen only suspected that she had been conned after the person could not be contacted. 

She then called the police. 

The police traced the money and promptly froze the account.

Li, a 31-year-old female bank employee from Yuen Long, was arrested on Wednesday (May 16) in relation to the incident.