Japanese man accused of taking up-skirt photos slashes faces of police officers in court just before verdict is delivered

A 30-year-old Japanese man who was charged in court for allegedly taking up-skirt photos of a female passenger during a train ride in Sendai, Tokyo, slashed two officers in the court gallery with a hidden knife just as his verdict was being delivered.

The suspect, Seiji Yodogawa, had been out on a bail and was not subjected to a body search when he turned up to the courts for the verdict on Friday (Jun 16), reports The Coverage

As the verdict was being read, the man apparently shouted, “what a rotten justice system’ and lunged at two officers in the court gallery, revealing a hidden knife.

The crazed man then slashed the two officers on their faces and backs.

He was immediately taken into custody on charges of attempted murder.

The original charge of sexual harassment has been temporarily suspended as the verdict was not delivered in full. 

Fortunately, the officers, both conveyed to a hospital, did not sustain any life-threatening injuries.