Jakarta airport security personnel allegedly beaten bloody by military officer over family's missed flight

A photo of a bloodied security guard at Indonesia’s Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Jakarta went viral on Facebook recently. 

In the photo uploaded on Ra'uuf Baihaqi’s Facebook page, an accompanying caption explained how the guard was allegedly assaulted by an officer of the Indonesian military (TNI) on Sunday morning (July 30) at around 4am. 

The paragraph revealed that the officer had asked to be allowed through the first security checkpoint, so he could his elderly family members with the check-in procedures. 

However, his request was denied as members of the public are not allowed to enter the check-in area at Soekarno-Hatta without a ticket, reports Coconuts Jakarta

The officer then demanded to see the officer-in-charge (OIC) but was told that the OIC was unavailable. 

After repeatedly hounding the guard, he was allowed through.

He then arrived at the reception, was told that his family had already missed the flight. 

Airline staff suggested his family board the next flight to Jayapura, which would cost them Rp 9 million (S$916.45). 

Enraged, the officer returned to the guard, shouting at him:

“You’re the reason my family was late.”

The guard, however, retorted:

“That is not my business.”

His defiant tone did not sit well with the officer, who then attacked him, punching him until his lips started bleeding. 

The scuffle came to an end when other security personnel stepped in to intervene. 

In response to media queries, Soekarno-Hatta Airport officials confirmed that a TNI member had assaulted one of the guards, but did not reveal details regarding the cause for the assault.

Spokesman Dewandono Prasetyo Nugroho said:

“The information that I got was like that, but, for the details, we need to learn more first.”