Jaguar driver speeds and weaves through traffic before crashing into van on Keppel Viaduct

A Jaguar driver lost control of his vehicle after attempting to overtake a taxi and truck, before crashing into a van along Keppel Viaduct.

According to a video of the incident that was posted in SG Road Vigilante's Facebook group, the incident happened on Sunday (June 17) at about 9.56pm.

In the video, the Jaguar is seen travelling on the left-most lane and attempts to overtake a taxi ahead of him and a truck in the middle lane in one move.

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After overtaking the truck, his vehicle spins out of control, causing sparks to fly.

In the process, he hits the rear of a van ahead of him before crashing into a wall on the left side of the road.

The Facebook post included photos of the aftermath where the back of the Jaguar appeared to be completely smashed.

The back of the van suffered dents.

In response to Stomp's media queries, a police spokesman said: "The Police are aware of the incident and investigations are ongoing.​"