Jaguar driver blares horn, then rages at workshop owner who knocked on her car to check if she is alright

Submitted by Stomper Bryan

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A Jaguar driver was caught on video shouting at the owner and workers of a carpentry workshop in Sembawang on Wednesday afternoon (Nov 9).

Stomper Bryan, a tenant at North Link Building, shared a video of the incident and described what happened as a "tedious spat".

"The lady in a blue Jaguar stalled her car in the middle of the road at North Link Building, honked her car horn excessively and continually, vented her frustrations and perpetuated road rage for three minutes," he said.

"The owner of the carpentry workshop (shown in the video) went over and politely knocked on her car window to check if all was right and if he could provide any assistance.

"Instantly, the lady in the blue Jaguar stomped out of her car and at the top of her voice, maligned the poor workshop owner for banging/damaging her car.

"She even asked the uncle if he knows how expensive her car is."

In the video, the woman is heard repeating: "Who gave you the right to hit my car."

She then says that she has the right of way and is also heard shouting: "Eh, you shut your bloody mouth lah."

"This kerfuffle is solely due to her refusing to move her car along the narrow pathway, which wasn't narrow in the least," said Bryan.

"Passers-by witnessed the situation and concurred that the pathway was at least 2.5m wide, enough for her Jaguar XJ which is 1.899m wide.

"After the confrontation, the lady in the blue Jag realised all the tenants were booing her and suddenly, the narrow driveway was passable in her own judgement.

"Security personnel of North Link Building later mentioned to us that she has literally complained to all levels of this building about the narrow driveways blocking her 'expensive' car.

"As tenants, we hope measures of such road rage can be taken by North Link management and/or the Land Transport Authority before these issues evolve or magnify to physical rage later."