It's twins for Melody Chen and Randall Tan after trying for 9 years

Elisa Chia
Young Parents
Nov 12, 2017

It's a twin boy and girl for ONE FM DJ Melody Chen, 40, and her husband-actor Randall Tan, 43.

The Singapore celebrity couple announced on Saturday (Nov 4) that they were the proud new parents of Reuben Michael and Maegan Riley.

According to their Instagram and Facebook posts, the babies were born prematurely several weeks ago, but Melody and Randall were not ready to share the news yet.

Dramatic birth

"Reuben and Maegan decided to pop out to see the world several weeks in advance and it was truly a dramatic and harrowing experience trying to save them," Melody shared on her Facebook account.

Emergency C-section

The first-time mum had an emergency C-section delivery at Mount Elizabeth Hospital and it appeared that the twins were later transferred to Singapore General Hospital's neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

"Thank God for the swift medical team at Mount Elizabeth Hospital as well as all the amazing and dedicated angels at SGH's NICU ward, the twins are finally now stable and slowly progressing day by day," Melody added.

Twins now stable

Randall also shared his excitement on Instagram, saying, "These two bundles of joy decided to give daddy a heart attack when they decided that enough is enough and come out to meet everyone."

The twins are now in stable condition and piling on the weight.

"Randall and I are counting down the days to their homecoming before Christmas," Melody added.

Surprise party for Melody

The nurses at SGH's NICU arranged a surprise photoshoot together with the twins to celebrate Melody's 40th birthday on last Friday night.

"My heart was bursting with joy to finally hold them close in my arms," wrote the new mum, declaring that her precious #mezzarantwins are her best birthday gift.

Long road to parenthood

Melody and Randall had been trying for a baby since they married about nine years ago.

Melody suffered a miscarriage in 2012 and a failed in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) attempt.

The IVF procedure in February this year had been the couple's last-ditch attempt to get pregnant.

Her twin boy and girl were conceived naturally, she shared earlier.

Love to all preemies

In her Instagram post, Melody also sent her love "to all the preemies and preemie parents coping in their own individual parenthood journeys and not forgetting, the dedicated medical staff of every NICU ward."

She added: "You are all truly God's angels."

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