Items on ground floor of Tampines blocks: No obstruction to walkways, says Town Council

Submitted by Stomper DQ

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Stomper DQ is frustrated with residents at various Tampines blocks cluttering the ground floor with items such as furniture and potted plants.

He said that this has been going on "for years" and decided to highlight the issue on Stomp after reading about a similar situation in Woodlands.

He also shared photos that he took on the ground level of Blocks 452, 464 and 468 at Tampines Street 44.

In response to a Stomp query, Tampines Town Council said: "Town Council officers conduct checks to the estate on a regular basis. Identifying corridor obstruction and cluttering is also part of our effort on general maintenance.

"We understand that it is a general culture across Singapore where residents keep potted plants and some other items at the common corridor.

"According to Town Council by-laws, all corridors require adequate passageway.

"However, the Town Council practices flexibility in exercising our by-laws, so long as there is no inconvenience caused to their neighbours and safety is not compromised.

"With reference to the photos, we would like to inform that there is a 1.2m clearance and no obstruction to the walkways. Notwithstanding, the mentioned areas are situated at the ground floor."

Following DQ's feedback, the Town Council also said it would persist with checks at the aforementioned blocks to ensure that there is no obstruction.

"We would like to assure residents that Town Council will not hesitate to enforce on non-compliance should there be a safety concern," it added.