ITE students' unique contraption helps stroke patients trim their own nails safely, comfortably

This article was contributed by the Institute of Technical Education (ITE).

Tan Yuan Tian
Silwin Bintony Lingam
Noah John Mitechell
Lim Bo Xuan, Terrian
Higher Nitec in Mechanical Engineering @ ITE College East
Lee Kuan Yew Technology Awards 2021 winning project for iNail Pro

Fuss-free Fingernail-trimming for Stroke Patients

One of the challenges faced by stroke patients is the recovery of motor functions to perform daily activities. Despite rehabilitation to improve their muscle strength and mobility, it is common for these patients to still require the use of assistive devices to help them perform certain basic, day-to-day tasks, such as cutting their fingernails.

Designed by a group of four Engineering students from ITE College East, iNail Pro is a unique contraption aimed at providing a safe solution for stroke patients who face difficulty in trimming their fingernails.

Equipped with a strategically placed 'fingernail slot' and a concealed sanding stone attached to a small motor, the battery-operated device enables users to gently trim their nails singlehandedly.

The product is ergonomically shaped and 3D-printed casing allows users to comfortably rest their palms, minimising the possibility of muscle strains.

Skills that Matter

Yuan Tian said: "The most satisfying part of this project was to see stroke patients using the product with ease. I feel proud that I am able to use the skills that I have learnt in school, such as 3D printing, laser-cutting and electrical wiring, to make a product that can benefit others."

What's So Significant

  • iNail Pro was tried and tested by actual stroke patients, who gave feedback that the product was useful and met its objective of making it easier for people with mobility challenges to trim their fingernails.

  • Users can operate iNail Pro safely and almost effortlessly with one hand, thanks to its ergonomic, fuss-free design and in-built touch sensor.

  • There are some nail trimmers in the market, which use similar filing action on nails, but none has been specifically designed with stroke patients in mind.

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