Is that a gigantic rat scurrying around Clementi Avenue 3 block? Not quite

Submitted by Stomper Boay

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Stomper Boay was excited upon seeing what appeared to be a large rat at Block 426, Clementi Avenue 3 last night (Jan 5) at around 10.45pm.

However, from photos that the Stomper sent us, we have identified the animal to be a shrew and not a rat.

Boay said:

"When I returned home at around 10.45pm, I saw this 'rat' running around and took a few pictures. I was so excited about this that I took a video, then realised later that it was only one-second long."

What's the difference between a rat and a shrew? Check out a comparison below.



Classified as rodents

Classified as insectivores

Rounder snout

Sharper and more distinctive snout

Larger eyes

Pointed teeth and tiny eyes that are almost invisible

Have long, sparsely furred tails

Tails are shorter with a bit more fur

Strong sense of smell and exceptional eyesight

Weak sense of smell and vision

Live in communities and band together

Prefer to live alone except during breeding season