Is that a 'fire rainbow' or iridescent cloud that Stomper saw in the sky?

Submitted by Stomper William

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper William was driving from Clementi Mall to Jem yesterday (Oct 16) when he saw what appeared to be an unusual cloud that stood out from the rest.

He said: "It stood out from the other clouds as it was covered in rainbow colours.

"We took a couple of photos and did a quick check online. It seems it could likely be a fire rainbow that we spotted!"

Also known as a circumhorizontal arc, a fire rainbow is an optical phenomenon that is formed when sunlight passes through and is refracted by ice crystals in cirrus clouds at a high altitude.

Meanwhile, an iridescent cloud is when light passes through tiny ice crystals or water droplets and is diffracted, thus resulting in a rainbow-like effect.

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