Is it legal to fish here? Men cast fishing nets into Kallang River

Submitted by Stomper Rahita

Stomper Rahita saw two men casting fishing nets in the Kallang River next to Kallang Bahru on Aug 13 at around 9.30am.

"It is very bad for the environment as all kinds of water life may get stuck in the net," said Rahita.

Wit nets especially, more fish can be hauled in which may, in turn, affect the food supply for birds and even otters.

This affects the overall biodiversity of the water body.

A spokesman from PUB provided Stomp with the following response: 

"The areas shown in the photographs, Kallang River near Kallang Bahru, are no-fishing areas. Members of the public are also not allowed to enter canals at all times for their own safety.

"Those caught fishing illegally or entering the waterways without prior approval may be fined up to $3000. The public can call us at 1800-CALL-PUB (1800-2255-782) if they have more information on this case or if they spot any suspicious activities at the waterways.

"There are designated fishing areas so that anglers can fish safely and without inconveniencing others. Information on the designated fishing areas is available at"