Is it injured? Lone otter keeps rolling and writhing about on the ground at Marina Barrage

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Stomper Tay was astonished by the unusual behaviour of an otter at Marina Barrage last Sunday (July 31).

In a video contributed by the Stomper, the animal can be seen writhing and tossing about on the ground. It is unclear whether it was injured or just trying to relief an itch.

Tay, who is worried about the creature, said:

"I captured this video at Marina Barrage last Sunday morning, at 9.30am.

"It was of a giant sea otter. He was alone and not with the other family of otters at Bishan. 

"It look injured as it kept tossing and rolling on the ground.  At first, I thought it just had an itchy body, but it didn't seem like it.

"Please get somebody to help."

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