Is it from the future? Sengkang resident receives town council letter dated Feb 14 on Feb 9

Submitted by Stomper WM, Clarence

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How could it be?

He received the letter on Feb 9, but it was dated Feb 14.

"This is so amazing!" said Stomper WM, who shared a photo of the letter.

"Sengkang Town Council is sending a letter to residents from the ‘future'!"

The letter was addressed to the "lessee/tenant" of Block 194 Rivervale Drive to inform residents that the electrical supply to their flats would be temporarily cut off on Feb 28 from 10am to noon.

Feb 28 is indicated in parenthesis as a Thursday, but it is actually a Tuesday.

"Very bewildering!" said the Stomper. "In the letter, it mentioned a temporary power cut off on Feb 28 but on Thursday?

"I wonder if this letter is for real or just for educational purpose to teach us about scams by the Sengkang Town Council?"

Stomp has contacted the Sengkang Town Council for more info.

A similar anomaly in the space-time continuum was detected last month when a Jurong East resident shared a photo of a flyer at a lift lobby taken on Jan 29 that said MP Rahayu Mahzam had visited the block on Feb 1. Netizens joked that the MP was a time traveller.

Ms Mahzam has since apologised and clarified that the wrong notice was put up at the lift landing of one of the blocks in her constituency.


After the article was published, Stomper Clarence shared a different version of the letter to block 196 instead of block 194 where "Thursday" was replaced with "Tuesday" and the timing of the electricity cut-off is different. It is also dated Feb 14.