Is it because you’re in an emergency? Otherwise, please use Grab or Gojek, not ambulance

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) has earned a reputation for churning out social media posts that are not just relevant, but witty and humorous as well.

The emergency services took the opportunity to drive home an important message following a viral video a Gojek driver had taken of a passenger who accused him of kidnapping her after she refused to pay for Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) charges.

One part in the video, that has evolved into several memes created by netizens, shows the woman becoming hysterical when she cannot open the door and accuses the driver of locking her in.

The driver tries to explain the vehicle's auto-lock function was turned out but she does not buy it.

The SCDF included this tongue-in-cheek line in their post: "Psst, our ambulance doors auto-lock for your own safety. So do not be unnecessarily alarmed. Please!"

Although SCDF was trolling the incident with their post, in all seriousness, the public is urged to use alternative transportation as SCDF ambulances should be reserved for emergency cases.