Is $8.70 too much to pay for this plate of rice with 1 meat and 2 veggies in mall food court?

Submitted by Stomper BH

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Due to the fastest rising inflation in a decade, prices in Singapore are going up and up.

Still, Stomper BH found the price of the food he bought at Jia Jia Le Cuisine in the Food Republic food court in City Square Mall a bit too much to stomach.

He ordered a plate of rice with one meat and two vegetables and was charged $8.70.

BH told Stomp: "The prices were all displayed in range, there's no way a customer can tell if the price is calculated correctly or not.

"The prices in that food court are between $5 plus to $6 plus. So $8.70 was definitely above the average price, given that it's a simple dish."

Could inflation be a factor?

Do you think $8.70 is too much?