InterContinental Singapore apologises to customers disappointed with its mooncakes

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The InterContinental Singapore hotel is apologising to those disappointed with the mooncakes they ordered this year in celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

One customer, who said he is a vivid supporter of InterContinental Singapore's mooncakes, shared with Stomp: "This year's lapse has certainly revealed the poor management and service resolution of their brand."

He shared similar complaints to other customers who vented their dissatisfaction on the hotel's Facebook page.

The complaints included:

  • Mooncakes were delivered in a bag, without a box.

  • There were no ice packs or dry ice which resulted in the snowskin mooncakes 'melting'.

  • Tins were also damaged during delivery and that tins were not available during the walk-in collection because of a reported 'manufacturing issue'. 

  • Some customers expecting four flavours of snowskin mooncakes were only given two types.

  • There was allegedly no update to customers when collection could not be conducted on the scheduled date due to the chiller being spoiled.

  • There was no labelling on the mooncakes or box indicating where they were from.

The Stomper added: "We were given vouchers or hotel stay rebates that require customers to spend money to redeem for a mistake that should be better resolved than giving rebate vouchers. We don't need freebies, just better communication and promises of mooncake delivery."

In response to a Stomp query, InterContinental Singapore's hotel manager Joyce Chua said: "At InterContinental Singapore, we put great care in the production, preparation and delivery of our mooncakes.

"We value the satisfaction of our guests who understandably, expect a high level of quality and service from us. 

"We are sorry to have fallen short of expectations in this situation and will be reaching out to any guest who had a disappointing experience, to rectify this and ensure that all concerns are addressed."