Instant karma for Honda driver who tailgated car out of carpark to avoid parking charges

A Honda driver had his just desserts after tailgating a car out of a carpark gantry at Pomo to avoid paying for parking.

Based on the timestamp of a video of what happened posted on, the incident took place on Jul 19 at around 11.15pm.

In the video, the driver of the white Honda can first be seen waiting behind the motorist who recorded the footage at the exit of the carpark.

After the latter drove across the gantry, the Honda driver tailgated him or her out of the carpark without first waiting for the automatic barrier to fall.

Before he could drive out to the main road however, the Honda driver was stopped by a man who came out of the building.

According to the video's caption, the man was a security guard who stepped out to confront the driver for evading parking charges.

It is unclear what happened thereafter.