Inspiring Teachers Awards: Sir Gene made me realise that learning knows no boundaries

Jemarie would not have been able to complete her practicum without Sir Gene's help.

Here is Jemarie's entry for the Samsung-Stomp Inspiring Teachers Awards:

"Sir Gene was my college professor in University of the Philippines, Los Baños. He had that exceptional wit and flair for spoken and written English. Since my major was Speech Communication, I was lucky to have him as my advisor since he equipped me with the apt knowledge and skills to help me get through my senior year.

"I will never forget when he saved me from being completely booted out from a school theatre production where I was part of the sounds committee. The playwright thought I wasn’t taking her play seriously since she would always see me smiling or grinning. Without a second thought, the playwright asked the director to immediately remove me from the play.

"I was devastated as I needed to complete that practicum as one of the major requirements for my Theater Arts subject. When I told Sir Gene about what happened, he talked to the playwright that same day and asked if I can return to the play production as he explained how important my role was to me and that it’s just in my jolly character to have that “always smiling face”.

"To my surprise, the director contacted me that night and said that it’s okay for me to go back to the play and fulfil my role in the sounds committee. No words could describe how grateful I was to Sir Gene for it wouldn’t have been possible to complete my practicum without his help.

"To this day, his relentless pursuit for continuous learning is an inspiration. Adding to his Master’s degree in Speech Communication, he obtained his Doctorate degree in National University of Singapore and is currently an esteemed Lecturer in the same university. Among his many accolades and achievements, he made me realise that learning knows no bounds and greatness can be achieved if you set your heart and mind to it.

"It's such an honour to know such a kind-hearted soul who chooses to stay in the academe so he can continue to enrich students' lives through his pedagogic prowess."

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