Inspiring Teachers Awards: Once known as a "terror", Mr Dela Cruz is a teacher I really appreciate

Sarah would like to show her appreciation for Mr Felipe Dela Cruz, her teacher from St. Mary's Academy in the Philippines.

Although he was once known as a "terror teacher" in school, Mr Cruz was someone whom Sarah grew to appreciate and look up to.

Here is Sarah's entry for the Samsung-Stomp Inspiring Teachers Awards:

"Mr Dela Cruz was once known as a terror teacher to our school.

"He enables to learn more and do better. When I was in my fourth year of secondary school, he was our advisor. He exerted effort for us to learn Math.

"He is also very approachable. He gave most of his time after class ended to teach us for an additional one hour, just so that we could study more in preparation of our college exams.

"I met him recently when he came here in Singapore together with other ex-St. Mary schoolmates. It was good to reminisce this kind of appreciation."

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